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Advertising is a crossing of FUN and DATA.

Only reliable tests and unique visualisation.

Why you should stop your 2020 reading challenge

WOW, what a surprise, the challenge makes me read 15% smaller books. Scraping data and analysis inside.

37 Facebook Ad Examples You Wish You Made

Here is a list of some Biggest Viral Facebook Ads to help spark your creativity.

How to Better Remember and Use What You Read: GTD Method

In a challenging world, it’s important to stay competitive which makes you read more and more information daily and implement new knowledge into your life. Here is how.

ROI Hunter
Advanced Trick for Running Facebook Ads

If you are already running ads on Facebook but want to exceed your results, I’ve got good news for you. In this post, I’m going to share my crucial trick for fine-tuning ads to maximize ROI.

Steal Your Way to a High Performance Landing Page

A 3-step theft tactic for optimizing software product landing pages. Steal like an artist.

Fake wrestling company reinvents itself in a bold Netflix-style way

In 2014, WWE transformed its core old school business into a subscription service. The research it about the fight for engagement and profitability…

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