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Steal Your Way to a High Performance Landing Page

A 3-step theft tactic for optimizing software product landing pages. Steal like an artist.

Utilizing Facebook Lead Ads for Business Growth

While marketing objectives can be achieved in various ways, Facebook lead ads excel in fulfilling one of marketing’s most crucial…

Your Brand’s 8-Step Guide to Instagram Advertising

Maximize Your Marketing Efforts with Instagram Advertising. If you’re aiming to take your Instagram marketing efforts to the next level,…

How To Hide Comments On Facebook & Instagram Ads

To hide comments on Facebook ads, you need to access the Facebook post and locate the comment you want to…

Why you should stop your 2020 reading challenge

WOW, what a surprise, the challenge makes me read 15% smaller books. Scraping data and analysis inside.

How to Better Remember and Use What You Read: GTD Method

In a challenging world, it’s important to stay competitive which makes you read more and more information daily and implement new knowledge into your life. Here is how.

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